Custom On Demand Taxi/Cab Booking App For All Types Of Business Owners

Supported by long stretches of understanding, information and sweeping capacity, we at Revolution Software Services, are truly enthused for acquiring a comprehensive taxi dispatch versatile application improvement arrangement, which is innovatively best in class and economically possible.
Private-hire / taxi business
Enhance your fleet of independent limos, minicabs or conventional taxis to have more rides and better commissions.
Car Pooling & Rental
Car rental and sharing are getting trendy. If you run such apps developed as solutions, more riders will register increasing your revenue.
Every business has an exclusive set of requirements. If you are a start-up or an enterprise company, we can build customized apps for your business.


We have two models for On Demand Taxi Booking Solution Doctor App Solution. Rest same.
We have ready-made solutions. If you are not looking for any unique or special features, we can deliver the solution within 10 working days. This time is required to set-up the apps with your specific brand and publish them on the app store and play store.
If you buy a custom solution model from us, you will have 3 months of free support. And if you buy our monthly subscription plan, you will have support till you subscribe to our solutions.
There are different business models charging either from the patients, doctors or hospitals. The other business model is to charge for sponsored ads and paid listings which offer improved visibility in the search results.