Custom On Demand Doctor App

For Multiple Types Of Users

Sponsored by industry experience and advancement skill, we at Revolution Software Services, get a total arrangement of on-request specialist portable application arrangements, which is profoundly predominant and in your spending limit.
The patient data stored by the hospitals can be accessed through this mobile app with straightforward access to the online play stores.
Integrating electronic health records in your on demand doctor app will assist the doctors to way in the patient’s medical records without any difficulty from any place or at any time.
Medical Laboratories / Pharmacy
With the quick messaging services, the doctor and patient can exchange vital patient-doctor medical reports as well as updates to other healthcare stakeholders.


We have two models for On Demand Taxi Booking Solution Doctor App Solution. Rest same.
We have ready-made solutions. If you are not looking for any unique or special features, we can deliver the solution within 10 working days. This time is required to set-up the apps with your specific brand and publish them on the app store and play store.
If you buy a custom solution model from us, you will have 3 months of free support. And if you buy our monthly subscription plan, you will have support till you subscribe to our solutions.
There are different business models charging either from the patients, doctors or hospitals. The other business model is to charge for sponsored ads and paid listings which offer improved visibility in the search results.